About Us

Cattrac is synonymous with commitment. We are committed to our clients and customers by being committed to our employees. Our organization is a team that works together to promote integrity and ethics in the construction industry. Over half of our staff has been with the company from 10 to 40 years. We know how to pull together to achieve the best possible outcome for the company and our clients, many of whom we have been privileged to service consistently for 30 years.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with more than just competitive prices for construction services. It is to contribute to that clients successful outcome by being responsive, accessible and the absolute best at what we do. Part of our commitment is to provide "valued engineering" that can help save costs without compromising quality. Our Construction Estimating Department, led by Vice-President and Chief Estimator, John Koltura, gives our clients the insight and calculations they need to be assured their project is being handled as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

With consistent MOD rates in the 60's and 70's, you can rely on Cattrac to keep the job site safe. We utilize the services of safety consultants to assess any potential risks or concerns. Our priority is always the safety of our client's and our own employees. 


Meet Our Team



Virginia Harp-Sanders - Equipment Rental and Dispatcher
Bruce McBride - Heavy Equipment Rental Manager
Dave Perez - Fleet Manager & Shop Foreman 


Rita Munroe-Stark - Controller
Karlene Rahn - Contract Administrator, A/P & A/R
Cindy Rodriguez - Administrative Assistant


Stephanie (Dineen) Jacinto - President & CEO
John Koltura - Vice President, Head of Construction Services & Chief Estimator


Danny Saldivar - Estimator, Project Manager
Brian Hetherington - Estimator, Field Operations Manager & Safety Coordinator
Dirk Geier - Sr. Field Foreman
Dan Lamaster - Foreman